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What you need to know about our Products

I-MACONI has established itself as a leading assembly company and supplier of water purification equipment by consistently focusing on high quality and reliable solutions for various water applications. Our products have proven to be superior quality for many years and because of this many of our clients have featured I-MACONI water purification systems in their homes and facilities.

All of I-MACONI brand products are designed and manufactured in Turkey and in the USA with NSF approved components. We take pride in assembling and supplying superior quality products that are efficient, reliable, and simple to maintain while still being very cost effective. We can work with you to help tailor our products to virtually any application you may have to ensure you meet your goals.

For the past 10 years we have specialized in assembly and supply of commercial reverse osmosis filtration systems, water purification systems, water filtration systems, and various types of filling accessories such as water bottle filling machines, bottle filling stations, and bottle sanitizing machines or rinsing stations. We have specialized in assembling these products for a variety of water projects such as bottling plants or operations, bagged water plants, humanitarian operations, and water stores.

Our reverse osmosis filtration systems have proven to be successful in producing quality pure water worldwide, even with the worst incoming water conditions. Our equipment features an effective and proven design that consistently produces high quality pure RO water with much less maintenance than most other systems.

We can work with you to design and manufacture a custom reverse osmosis water purification system or any other type of water filtration system that you need. We have a solid team of skillful technicians with many years' experience who can design systems for relatively any application.

With our residential products, we have taken the same proven technology of our commercial & industrial grade products, and implemented this technology in our residential products. Therefore, you will receive a commercial quality water filtration system that is made and optimized to best fit your residential application. For example, our residential reverse osmosis RO water filter systems feature the same multi-stage filtration process yet do not require any electricity allowing them to be highly effective yet efficient for home use. We have various types of water filtration systems for home and strive to provide you with the best equipment possible.

In the recent times we have taken a stronger stance in assisting individuals and companies establish commercial bottled water operations. Through years of experience, we have established a line of products that have proven to be very successful in water bottling plants and water bagging (sachet) plants. These equipment include bottle blow molding machines, bottle filling machines & stations, and water pouch (sachet) bagging machines.

More recently, due to the demand for alkaline water and alkaline water systems, we have developed several solutions to make purified alkaline water. Because many other alkaline systems do not remove harmful contaminants, we have developed alkaline water systems that remove these harmful contaminants ultimately giving you much healthier alkaline water. We also sell alkaline water machines for those who already have an existing purified water source to draw from or wish to ionize the water without filtration. We offer an alkaline water solution for almost any application, allowing you to receive the health and financial benefits of either consuming or selling this type of water.

Alkaline water can be a very profitable addition to any commercial water project or water store because alkaline water sells for much higher prices. We have designed and manufactured low cost solutions to add alkaline water to commercial and retail water operations, allowing you to significantly increase your profits with a low initial investment.

Please feel free to give us a call and find out why I-MACONI is a premier supplier of reverse osmosis water purification systems, water filtration systems, bottle filling & rising equipment, and various other accessories for industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

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